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    Dear members,

    Could you please share how do you price your Court Reports. I found they are very tedious and detailed and it takes me a long time to prepare one and I don’t think we have priced it accordingly. What is industry standard or approximate price?

    Your help is much appreciated.



    I don’t think court reports can ever be priced correctly. I charge $300.00 for mine and I know that is to cheep considering the time they take to write. I decided the amount of time I spend writing a report is worth it for the children.


    Thank you so much for replying Sandy.

    They do take a lot of time to write i agree and they are useful.

    Could you please clarify if it is for one visit or for all visits together – whether it is 5 or 15 visits?

    Would you be kind enough to have a private chat with me over the phone?
    my number is 0477993030


    Bunbury CCS

    Hi Olia
    We also charge $300 plus $30gst. In the past we charged $110 per page but this caused a lot of problems when we felt that we needed to provide a lengthy report to highlight the facts but legal practitioners, ICLs and parents would then complain wanting a more abridged version.
    We have found that having a set fee means that parents can prepare for the cost and ICLs can apply for approval to pay the report fee prior to us completing it.
    The set fee has enabled us to obtain the fees far more easily.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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