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New data emanating from a Federal Circuit and Family Court pilot project clearly illustrates the challenges and complexities encountered when working with many families needing to use a CCS. ACCSA continues to advocate that a robust national accreditation scheme is essential in providing safe service.

Read an overview of these findings at THIS LINK.


A list of all ACCSA affiliated CCSs is now available to view on this website. Go to the side menu for the page link.

These listed affiliates are congratulated for supporting ACCSA’s campaign for the establishment of a National CCS Accreditation Scheme. This affiliation affords the service access to ACCSA designed information, resources and practice sharing pathways – it does not confirm that the service practices meet any accredited or regulated standards.



Please note that submissions received by the Attorney General’s Department regarding the establishment of a CCS Accreditation Scheme and approved by the submitters for publication can now be found at THIS LINK.



The federal government has announced that currently funded CCSs will benefit due to an increase of allocation from $18 per annum to $35 million per annum across the nation. This will enable the current 64 services to provide greater levels of service and assist in clearing protracted waiting times.

The government also announced that as many as 20 more funded services will be rolled out in coming years to provide additional support to those families needing the assistance of a CCS.



ACCSA’s biennial National Training & Networking Forum, which has been in the planning process for November 2021, has been postponed until 2022 due to uncertainties raised by COVID travel and border issues.

The Association will keep all affiliated services, who have priority attendance options, informed on progress on Forum dates and venue.


Notes on Covid19

ACCSA is not mandated to stipulate practice requirements for CCSs in Australia. The Association will be facilitating practice sharing and problem solving sessions for all affiliated services for the duration of the pandemic. All services are asked to seek the most recent and best advice available from state/territory and federal health departments when making decisions about service delivery status. It is also suggested that the CCS Guiding Principles Framework for Good Practice (2018) be referenced – particularly in regard to safety and safe environments. CCSs, referrers and family members may want to access This Guide from the Family Law Council for separated parents during Convid19.

CLICK HERE to download the CCS and Virtual Visits info sheet.

CLICK HERE to download Communicating With Children About Covid19

CLICK HERE to download Video Chat Activities With Children

CLICK HERE to download COVID-19 and Separated Families 2020



ACCSA is a non-profit Association that promotes the need for the compulsory accreditation of all Children’s Contact Services (CCS), delivers and supports sector specific training, fosters information sharing and networking and advocates for increased resourcing for CCSs.

The Association is voluntary and independent.

The Association’s current activities include lobbying for the regulation and accreditation of both funded, full fee paying and privately operated CCSs, development and provision of CCS specific training,  the facilitation of national conferences and the upkeep of a comprehensive, information based website for members, subscribers, those who refer to a CCS and those needing to use a service.

As of March 2021 all funded, privately operated and full fee paying CCSs are eligible to become affiliates of ACCSA.

Affiliation means that the service supports and endorses ACCSA’s objectives – affiliation does not denote that the affiliated service maintains practice standards according to any codes, standards or frameworks that the association has previously developed (i.e. ACCSA does not accredit, regulate, monitor service delivery quality or process complaints).

ACCSA fully supports the establishment of a National CCS Accreditation system as per Recommendation 54 of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Review of the Family Law System.


ACCSA Affiliated Services:

  • Are listed on the ACCSA Online CCS Directory – now in the public domain on the ACCSA website
  • Can participate in operational and practice based national teleconferences
  • Receive ACCSA newsletters
  • Have access to feedback and input from experienced CCS practitioners when requested
  • Have access to resources and publications in the login area of the ACCSA website
  • Receive discounted rates to ACCSA Forums

CLICK HEREfor funded, private and fee-paying CCSs to join as Full Affiliated Services in 2021

CLICK HERE – for individuals to be a Website Subscriber in 2021


The Australian Children’s Contact Services Association’s “CCS Regulation Campaign” sees the assurance of a better quality and more uniform practice being achieved through two major steps:

Step A – The development, implementation and maintenance of a  CCS Accreditation System that is based upon the operational standards articulated in The Children’s Contact Services Guiding Principles Framework for Good Practice (2014)

Step B – The implementation of regulation that requires the Courts and others, such as Family Dispute Resolution practitioners, to only order or refer families to accredited CCSs

ACCSA has advocated the need for the regulation of all Children’s Contact Services since 2008 and it’s campaign has now been endorsed via Recommendation 54 of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Review of the Family Law System and Recommendation 9 of the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Family Law System, both of which calls for the establishment of a national accreditation system for CCSs and for it to be an offence to provide service without being accredited – this mirrors the submissions made to these reviews by ACCSA.

The following articles illustrate  parts of the association’s campaign over the past 13 years :

Click here to access the Australian Family Law Commission’s Review of the Family Law System, which includes Recommendation 54 – that all CCSs be accredited under the Family Law Act

Click here to read the list of recommendations from the second interim report of the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Family Law System (March 2021) – Recommendation 9 calls for the accreditation of all CCSs.

Click here to read the article “Children’s Contact Services: ACCSA Seeks Regulation”

Click here to read ABC News article circa April 2019.