The Online CCS Information Directory

The provision of  comprehensive and accessible information will allow for more informed and safer decisions to be made about utilising a particular CCS in order to facilitate contact between a parent and their child/ren.

All government funded, non-government funded organisation full fee paying and privately operated CCSs*  have been invited to submit information to the Directory. Click on a State or Territory below to find details from the services that have provided information.

*Types of  Children’s Contact Services In Australia

Government Funded CCS – Funded by, and accountable to, the Australian government.

NGO Fee For Service – Operated by an established non-government organisation that also provides a range of other programs and human services. Subject to no government oversight.

Privately Operated CCS – Operated as a private business and subject to no government oversight.


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Please check with a service prior to making any Orders or Parenting Arrangements to ascertain if any changes have occurred since the last online posting submitted.