Join ACCSA and support the Association in:

* Providing comprehensive, CCS related information to the community and Family Law sector

* Lobbying for the accreditation of all services

* Lobbying for the regulation of CCS service provision.

CCS Service Membership is available to all government funded Children’s Contact Services. Membership is per service rather than per organisation. Representatives of Member Services are eligible to vote at ACCSA AGM’s and nominate for the ACCSA Board. CLICK HERE to download a membership form.

ACCSA Supporter 2017 is afforded to individuals who support ACCSA’s regulation campaign and the aims of the Association. Supporters regard the implementation of a regulatory framework for all CCSs as essential to serving the best interests of the child when there is a requirement to use a Children’s Contact Service. ACCSA Supporters have no voting or Board membership options but are afforded access to the Association’s website information area, newsletters and regulation campaign updates. CLICK HERE to download a Supporters form.