ACCSA is a non-profit Association that promotes both the analysis of and the professionalisation of the Children’s Contact Services sector in Australia.

The Association is voluntary and independent.

Federally funded Children’s Contact Services that operate under government oversight  are eligible for membership of ACCSA. Government funded services are required to operate according to the Children’s Contact Services Guiding Principles Framework for Good Practice (2014) as a part of their funding agreement. Member services also agree to operate according to the ACCSA Standards (2008) and the ACCSA Code of Ethics (2009).

The Association’s current activities include lobbying for the regulation and accrediation of both funded, full fee paying and privately operated CCSs, development and provision of CCS specific training,  the facilitation of national conferences and the upkeep of a comprehensive, information based website for members and subscribers.

Privately Operated Children’s Contact Services and NGO Full Fee Paying CCS, both of which  function under no government oversight, are not currently eligible for full ACCSA membership, though individual practitioners are encouraged to join ACCSA as a subscriber and in its campaign for a National CCS Accreditation system for all funded and privately operated CCSs.


Registration is now open for the ACCSA National Training & Networking Forum which will take place in Glenelg, South Australia on the 29th and 30th October. Practitioners working in any funded privately operated or full fee paying service are all encouraged and welcome to participate.

ACCSA’s Forums provide CCS practitioners with the best available opportunity to develop CCS specific skills and share effective practice.

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Become an ACCSA Member or Subscriber to access a range of information and resources via the login protected area of this website. This includes the CCS Online Directory, ACCSA Standards, ACCSA Operational Manual, CCS Proforma Documents, ACCSA Newsletters and links.

ACCSA Membership is currently available to services funded by the Attorney General’s Department under the Family Relationships Services Program – these services are bound by specific conditions of operation and administrative processes that includes a defined and compulsory complaints process that renders each service accountable and subject to sanctions. ACCSA Member Services have access to the resources available in the Association’s password protected website area and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

ACCSA Website Subscriber is available to individuals who support ACCSA’s regulation campaign and the aims of the Association.  Subscribers have no voting or Board membership options but are afforded access to the Association’s website information area, which is comprised of a range of CCS specific resources including publications, manuals, readings, a comprehensive CCS Online Directory and a Contact ACCSA option for those seeking more detailed information, feedback or advice.

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You can now log on to the ACCSA website and access the CCS Online Directory, the ACCSA Standards, the ACCSA CCS Operational Manual, CCS Pro Forma documents and the Contact ACCSA advice line by becoming an ACCSA Website Subscriber.

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The Australian Children’s Contact Services Association’s “CCS Regulation Campaign” sees the assurance of a better quality and more uniform practice being achieved through two major steps:

Step A – The development, implementation and maintenance of a  CCS Accreditation System that is based upon the operational standards articulated in The Children’s Contact Services Guiding Principles Framework for Good Practice (2014)

Step B – The implementation of regulation that requires the Courts and others, such as Family Dispute Resolution practitioners, to only order or refer families to accredited CCSs

ACCSA has advocated the need for the regulation of all Children’s Contact Services for a number of years and it’s campaign has now been endorsed via Recommendation 54 of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Review of the Family Law System, which calls for the establishment of a national accreditation system for CCSs and for it to be an offence to provide service without being accredited – this mirrors the submissions made to the Review by ACCSA.

The following articles illustrate  parts of the association’s campaign over the past 8 years :

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