ACCSA is a non-profit association which promotes the development and analysis of Children’s Contact Services.

The Association is voluntary and independent. ACCSA is not resourced to undertake accreditation of services or provide a regulatory framework.

All Children’s Contact Services that have been operating for more than six months are eligible to become full members. Member services agree to self-regulate according to the ACCSA Standards (2008), the ACCSA Code of Ethics (2009) and the Children’s Contact Services Guiding Principles Framework for Good Practice (2014). Life Members of the Association are also regarded as full members – click here to view a list of ACCSA Life Members.

ACCSA provides information to the general community and acts as a network for those involved in the establishment and operating of a Children’s Contact Service.

ACCSA’s current activities include the facilitation of national conferences and training forums, lobbying for the regulation of both funded and privately operated CCSs, the posting of monthly updates for waiting lists, operational hours and sector employment,  communication with the  Australian government  and the revision of CCS service delivery guides and standards.  

CCS Online Directory (Template Link)

The Attorney-General’s Department has provided a grant to the Australian Children’s Contact Services Association (ACCSA) to develop an Online Children’s Contact Service Information Directory. 

The purpose of the Directory is to provide for more informed and safer decisions to be made about utilising a particular Children’s Contact Service, in order to facilitate contact between a parent and their child/ren.

Funded, full fee paying and privately operated CCSs will receive an information template in the near future for completion and return. The information will then be posted online, with the option of providing information updates as required.

A copy of the template can be downloaded by CCS providers by clicking on this link.


Vic Royal Commission Family Violence Report

The Royal Commission into Family Violence Report has been tabled in parliament. Reference has been made to the need for better funding of CCSs, regulation of the sector and the overall need to “ensure that victims of family violence, and children affected by family violence, have a safe environment in which to have contact with an alleged perpetrator where contact is ordered by the court.” (Vol IV p.216 – The Way Forward)


Read the full Report here.


The Australian Children’s Contact Services Association as continued to highlight the need for the regulation of all Children’s Contact Services via the publication of an article in the Australian Institute of Family Studies newsletter.

Click here to read the article “Children’s Contact Services: ACCSA Seeks Regulation”



The Australian Children’s Contact Services Association has produced a CCS FACTS SHEET and a CCS REFERRERS CHECKLIST for those referring to or needing to use a Children’s Contact Service. Just click on the link below to download a copy of each:

CCS Fact Sheet

CCS Checklist



"5 Steps To Contact"

“5 Steps To Contact”

ACCSA’s information video “5 Steps To Contact” is a must for anyone who will be using a Children’s Contact Service.

This video walks a family member through the necessary steps involved prior to the first contact visit taking place and assists in the understanding of how CCSs operate.

Click here to view “5 Steps To Contact”.